Mental Health

Mental Helse

A simple question can mean a lot to many. 
The organization “Mental Health” encourages you to ask those around you- #askmore  “Mental Health” encourages you to call a friend, to send a SMS, or in any other way reach out to someone you know is having a mentally difficult time.  
Support each other. Use social media.   

Unfortunately, there is a lack of health services for minority language speakers that are struggling mentally. Hence, it is even more important that we talk to each other, and help each other in our everyday life and, if needed, guide each other to correct and professional help.  

If you are the one struggling, there are help groups on platforms like Facebook with lots of people willing to give a hand right where you live. They will join you for a chat, a trip, or other practical services. Luckily, there are lots of great people with genuine desire to help you. 

Everyone has a need to be seen. By being noticed we feel our own value and the sense of belonging. Affiliation is the foundation for a good mental health. When meeting people and being curious regarding how they feel, listening to them and tell them that their noticed, we are changing towards making a more including society.  

More transparency regarding mental health leads to:

  • Making it easy to share thoughts with others and to give and receive support.
  • Less taboo and shame involving mental challenges.
  • Empowerment of mental health
  • A more including local environment, work environment and school environment.
  • A more generous society

In “ Mental Health”, we gather people of different background through activities and we have services where you can talk to someone when in need.  

Our employees speak both Norwegian and English. If you need to talk to someone, you can call our helpline at 116 123.  

We also offer a chat service where our employees understand both English and Norwegian. (chat and forum).  

You can read more on our website.  List of public help services in Oslo.